The Dry Skiing Venue Opened in Nantong during the Spring Festival is full of people

The project was completed on the Spring Festival’s eve and opened on January 23, 2017. By dry skiing, Green Link has brought ice and snow of the northern area to Jiangsu Province, the ice free zone. Although covering an area of only 600 square meters, the small Children Snow Circle Park was warmly welcomed by the local tourists.The project was very hot with an average daily income reaching 10000 yuan during the Spring Festival.

Loquats of Tianlai Village in Haimen City has a long history of about 300 years. At present, there are more than 2000 loquat trees in the 157 Mu loquat garden, among which more than 100 are of more than 140 years’history. The ecological theme farm in Tianlai Village will plant additionally 400 acres of Loquats, 50 mu blueberries, 50 acres of fruit s and organic vegetables. Such ecological aquaculture projects as breeding Haimen small ear sheep, Long Gully turtle, crab, lobster and freshwater fish, and feeding ducks and geese scattered in loquat garden are going to be developed. A comprehensive ecological park , combing loquat health culture, Tian Zu champion culture, parent child Pro farming culture and outdoor wedding culture,  is going to be created.

The dry skiing project is located at the interior area of steel structured building in the loquat garden. With a net height of only 5 meters, the building does not meet the high requirements of a dry skiing slideway.  1.75 meters under the ground are dug down in construction, which ensures the height requirement. The Speed Dry Skiing Area is a snow circle slideway designed mainly for children, with a construction area of 41m*15m*5.53m, consisting of a staircase passage and a snow circle transport line, with a total cost of 500 thousand RMB Yuan.

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Post time: Jul-09-2018
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