The correct method for the maintenance of artificial turf 

One, Basic Requirements:

1. Keep the site clean;

2. Erect “No smoking” sign around the turf;

3.Motor vehicles and weights are not allowed to enter the stadium;

4.Reduce the frequency of cleaning, avoid cleaning under high temperature;

5. Set enough trash bins;

6. Control of the use of the site;

7. Repair of small damage timely.


Two, remove stains:

1, Fruit juice, milk, ice cream, blood and other water-like stains can be scrubbed with soap and water first, and then rinse it thoroughly; If necessary, draining water with absorbent towels.

2. Polish, sunscreen, pen oil etc., can be wiped with a sponge dipped in perchloroethylene.

3. Paraffin, tar and bitumen can be wiped with force or with a sponge dipped in perchloroethylene.

4. Nail polish can be wiped with acetone.

5. Paint can be cleaned by turpentine, paint stripper and water.

6. Chewing gum can be injected into small pieces by spraying Freon and then cleaning the residue;

7. As for fungal or mildew, you can pour 1% hydrogen peroxide into the water and wipe, then soak it thoroughly in the water.


Three, cleaning and maintenance:

1.Paper, fruit shell and other sundries should be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner in time after competitions.

2. Card the grass with a special brush every two weeks to remove dirt, leaves and other debris on it.

3. Every month or after frequent competitions, flat quartz sand or rubber particle with a special rake.

4. Let the rain scour dust on the turf or clean it by artificial flushing.

5. In hot summer, sprinkle the lawn with water to cool it down and make the players feel cool and comfortable.


Four, Check and repair:

1. Check carefully whether there is loose seam and whether there is damage, tearing, burning, etc. on the bottom of the whole sod. If a big repair is needed, you should contact the paving company in time.

2. The scouring and cleaning of heavy rain will cause a little loss of the filler, which needs to be filled by sprinkling quartz sand, rubber particles and sweeping them into the turf.


Five, Prohibited matters:

1. Smoking in the field, setting off fireworks and welding;

2, Throwing gum, peel snacks, juice drinks, oil pollution and so on.

3. Vehicles and heavy goods such as automobiles and motorcycles entering the venue.

4. Usage of improper footwear or sports equipment such as spiked shoes and javelin throws.

5. Usage of chemical cleaners, herbicides, or insecticides.


Six, Compared with traditional grassland, the maintenance process of artificial lawn is simpler.

1. Strictly prohibit smoking and throwing cigarette butts on the lawn, prevent corrosive food and beverages (such as acid-base beverages) from reaching the lawn.

2. Keep the adjacent areas free of garbage, debris, mud, dirt and oil spills.

3, Paint or use sports signs, repair minor injuries timely.

4. Do not park vehicles on artificial lawns, especially at high temperatures, or stop a vehicle on wet grass for a long time.

5. If the grass is going to be used under the weights, there should be special arrangement of protection on the site, such as using plywood and fiber to protect the turf.

6. Observe the maintenance and cleaning procedures, keep the site clean and wipe the site when necessary.

7. Make sure there are enough trash bins for the use of sports personnel.

8. Control the frequency of use for artificial turf.

9. When it comes to winter, remove the snow and ice on the grass in time.

10, Specially prepare plywood and fiber to protect the turf. Observe the maintenance and cleaning procedures of the artificial lawn.

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Post time: Jul-09-2018
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