Several criteria for judging the advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf

With China paying more and more attention to the development of sports in recent years, the artificial lawn sports field has become a symbol of constructing modern national sports. Taking Jiangsu Province as an example, it has already formed a powerful new trend to pave artificial turf on such areas as school stadiums, kindergartens, community leisure places, roofs as well as balconies, etc. Then how should we evaluate the importance of judging the quality of artificial turf?

At present, in the case of lacking necessary understanding for the artificial turf on the market and in condition of the absence of national unified industry standard, it is more and more necessary to correctly understand and evaluate artificial turf. Artificial turf produced in different countries must meet their domestic industrial standards before being exported, and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Green Link artificial turf,just as its name implies, artificial turf means taking PE (polypropylene) as raw materials, with some antioxidant and corrosion resistant agent as filler, weaving into the shape of a straw in a mechanical process. Generally speaking, turf sold on the market are divided into different shapes of monofilament and meshwork.

Compared to the monofilament, the meshwork is richly endowed by nature of the price advantage, nevertheless its quality is much worse than that of monofilament.  The difference is that the meshwork is a large “leaves of grass” being cut into pieces. There are many grass leaves on a tuft of grass which are cut at random.

One can distinguish between good and bad meshwork grass from two aspects. One is time, the other is temperature. Inferior grass is easy to fork and fall after being used for a long time, sticking to clothes like wool. Of course, the mesh lawn with excellent production process will be more durable, not easy to fall off and split. Besides, the best way to distinguish the mesh lawn is Insolating the turf in the sun in hot summer. The exposure to the sun will increase the temperature of the lawn very quickly. Inferior lawn exudes pungent odor, and the grass is easy to break with the hotness.

Monofilament artificial turf is more difficult to distinguish between the good and the bad. If compared with the inferior lawn, It is easy to identify. And the distinguishing method of the mesh is also suitable for the monofilament. Monofilament turf is complex, it is mainly divided into heteromophic and ordinary grass. The heteromorphic grass mainly consists of U type grass 、S type grass 、W type grass, single stem grass, V type grass and rhomboid grass. The identifying way is mainly to see the grass tops, some are U type, V shape, and the single stem has an extra knot in the middle.

The performance of heteromophic grass is much better than that of the ordinary grass, no matter its excellent features in terms of years of use, antioxidation, corrosion resistance and so on, or its dominated advantages in the upright, ornamental aspects. So one should pay attention to the form of the grass and confirm whether it is heteromophic grass. Of course, if only individual performance is concerned, V type grass has the best erectness, S type grass is the best in term of wear resistance, etc. These are different between different types of heteromophic grass, so one should choose grass to purchase in accordance with his need. High quality lawn service providers will give a detailed introduction about these features.

Of course, whether it is meshwork or monofilament grass, the quality depends not only on the lawn manufacturers, but also on the density, gum , and the needle of the grass. Dtex is the key factor that decides the critical factors that a grass is different from the others, which one should also pay more attention to on purchasing. In general, the quality of the artificial turf can be identified from the following points: 1. Appearance; 2. Specifications; 3. grass density; 4. straw fiber; 5. fiber quality; 6. other aspects.

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Post time: Jul-09-2018
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